Plastic Surgery Transcription Service

Superior quality plastic surgery transcription service ranging from dictation capture to document distribution and storage is offered by a number of providers of medical transcription outsourcing solutions. These providers serve various healthcare centers, healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals.

Transcription Process of High Standards

The plastic surgery transcriptionist transcribes the medical records of patients, dictated or voice recorded by plastic surgeons or other healthcare professionals, into electronic documentation. The audio files are sent using the internet medium. The transcribed medical records such as surgery notes, consultation notes, laboratory reports, clinic notes, and discharge summaries, are returned to the physicians’ desktop by way of secure 256 bit AES encryption technology.

Concise, Error-free, and Accurate Transcription Service

Through the combination of a well-organized process, superior technology, and medical language specialists (including proofreaders, editors and quality analysts), the service providers offer consistently high quality output. Only well-trained and experienced transcriptionists do the transcriptions to maintain high standards of accuracy.

Features of Plastic Surgery Transcription Service

  • Reliable customer support
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Flexible turnaround times
  • 3 levels of quality control
  • Support digital recorders, toll free number, and computer dictation
  • HL-7 transcription interface
  • Browser based transfer of files
  • Supported formats include AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, RM, SWF, ASF, ASX, DIC, and extended audio formats including WMA and MP3

Advantages of the Transcription Service

By utilizing plastic surgery transcription services, you can:

  • Benefit from improved medical transcription turnaround times.
  • Gain a trustworthy provider without high upfront costs
  • Speed up back-office procedures
  • Increase ROI due to more effective documentation

If you would like to fulfill your plastic surgery medical transcription needs, then get in touch with the right plastic surgery transcription service provider, who comes with proven quality, experience, commitment, and attention to detail.