Physical Therapy Transcription Service

In the United States, medical transcription companies are rapidly increasing to meet the growing demands for physical therapy transcription service. These companies transcribe a variety of medical records including clinic notes, x-ray reports, operative reports, history and physical reports, letters, psychiatric evaluations, emergency room notes, discharge summaries, pathology reports, and laboratory reports.

HIPAA Compliant Physical Therapy Transcription Service

Thanks to physical therapy transcription service, therapists, therapy assistants, and various healthcare professionals can get their patient reports, procedures, and notes, easily transcribed into an electronic or paper format. The physicians either dictate the patient information over phone, or record the dictations on hand held digital recorders. These audio files are forwarded to the transcriber through the internet. The transcribed files are delivered through email, FTP or fax, in any format, including JPG, GIF, XML, PageMaker, XML, PDF, HTML, TIFF, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Word or Excel.

Optimum Utilization of Technology and Manpower

Utilizing innovative technology and techniques, the transcribers offer speedy and reliable solutions. To change voice-recorded files into data files, they employ highly skilled and experienced transcription professionals. To ensure superior accuracy of transcriptions, there is usually a team of proofreaders, editors and quality analysts in addition to the transcriptionists. They are thus able to maintain three levels of quality assurance.

The value-added physical therapy transcription service offered by these transcription firms has the following additional features

  • Dependability and cost-effectiveness.
  • HIPAA compliant transcription practices.
  • Document Flow Management Software.
  • HL7 transcription interface.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Transferring of files via secure FTP or browser based 256 bit AES encryption protocol.
  • Reliable technical support.

A Wide Range of Firms to Choose from

Nowadays, there are many firms who offer long term and short term physical therapy transcription service. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the one that provides good results.