Outsourcing Ensures Affordable and Timely Endocrinology Transcription

Endocrinology TranscriptionAs in other medical specialties, dictation in an endocrinology clinic has to be carried out in a specific format that is acceptable for reimbursement. The dictation would include details about the patient’s medical history, chronological history of the main problem inclusive of dates and diagnoses, medication history, a full review of systems with signs and symptoms, and related social and family history. The dictation has to be transcribed, corrections made, edited and electronically filed. In a busy practice, this would take up a lot of valuable time and resources. That points to the importance of endocrinology transcription service provided by leading medical transcription companies.

A HIPAA compliant medical transcription company would have all the resources and technology necessary to meet the pressing demands of their clients. Each physician is assigned a project manager and team of skilled medical transcriptionists. The team, which includes proofreaders and editors, is well-versed in advanced endocrinology terminology and in the use of the latest medical transcription hardware and software. The endocrinologist is offered convenient and flexible options such as dictation through telephone or digital recorder. Files are transferred through encrypted email or uploaded on a secure FTP server. Most important, a reliable transcription company can ensure transcription with up to 99% accuracy and in fast turnaround time. Physicians are assured of full document flow management for reports on endocrine tests, diagnostic evaluation, hormone testing, patient progress, history and physicals, chart notes and medical evaluations

Outsourcing their endocrinology transcription tasks to the right service provider can ensure competitive pricing and save endocrinologists up to 40% on cost. No hidden fees, no long term contracts and a dedicated customer service are other advantages of partnering with the right medical transcription company.