Outsource MT Like FRASER Health and Partners Are Planning to, & Save!

Medical Transcription OutsourcingLast week, there was news of a plan by FRASER Health, Canada and three partner health authorities namely Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care to contract their medical transcription services out to a single service provider. The goal behind this plan is to save money (it is expected to bring their costs down by $3 million per year) and also be able to access the most superior technology. These health establishments would be able to use the saved money for more health care.

Cut Costs and Benefit from the Best Technology

The above development is just one example out of multiple medical transcription outsourcing instances. If you haven’t already outsourced, you should. The combination of reduced operating costs and the best in technology is really too hard to resist. It is true that you would be risking the privacy and security of sensitive PHI (patient health information) when you outsource. However, that would become a total non-issue if you outsource to a recognized HIPAA compliant medical transcription company. This service provider should have industry experience of many years and some good references and testimonials that you could verify. Make sure the company you are considering offers a free trial. The trial would help you judge whether the service provider is right for your requirements or not.

An Opportunity Not Worth Missing

You have nothing to lose by outsourcing medical transcription. Why miss out on the opportunity to benefit in these ways?

  • 30 to 40 percent reduction in operating expenses
  • Volume discounts
  • No fees charged for set up
  • Quality transcription completed within a favorable turnaround