Offshore Medical Transcription – Benefits

When you make the decision to use outsourced medical transcription services, you can choose between US based and offshore transcriptionists. India is a commonly sought after offshore destination.

Advantages of Offshore Medical Transcription

  • Costs Less – There is a huge difference between the personnel expenses for Indian staff and those for developed countries. Offshoring to India costs less.
  • Advantageous Time Zone Difference – The time zone difference between India and the US is advantageous because it enables the client business to function on a 24 hour basis.
  • Talented and Skilled Manpower – The world’s largest democracy has an abundance of English speaking and experienced IT professionals.
  • No compromise in data security – Confidentiality and security of patient data is not compromised in any way.
  • Can Focus on Core Processes – With this back office task being handled by experts, you have more time for patient care and the other core tasks of your healthcare practice.
  • Quality Standards Recognized Worldwide – In fact, established medical transcription companies in India usually adopt a three-tiered approach of quality auditing to ensure 99 percent accuracy.
  • Impressive Government IT policies – The Indian government has designed policies that provide for maximum benefit when IT processes are outsourced to India.