National Medical Transcription Week, May 14-20

National Medical Transcription WeekMedical transcription companies and health care providers across the U.S. are celebrating National Transcription Week from May 14-20, 2017. This week is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of medical transcriptionists and healthcare documentation specialists.

National Medical Transcription Week owes its origins to President Ronald Reagan. On May 21, 1985, President Reagan released Proclamation 5345 declaring that “it is appropriate for our Nation to recognize the contributions of medical transcriptionists”.

The declaration recognized medical transcriptionists as a vital link between the physician and the patient. It noted that the medical record, including reports prepared and edited by a medical transcriptionist from physician dictation, is the permanent history of a patient’s medical care. Transcribed medical reports allow physicians to easily and quickly review a patient’s medical history. The declaration stated that the work done by trained medical transcriptionists ensured patients that the history of their medical care is portrayed accurately and legibly.

With changing requirements, new guidelines, and advancements in technology, medical record documentation has undergone significant developments in recent times. Today, all healthcare specialties need dedicated electronic health record (EHR) integrated documentation solutions. Medical transcriptionists serving U.S. based medical transcription service companies have kept pace with these changes, and provide physicians with accurate and timely support for data capture and documentation from dictated reports. This is crucial to ensure the quality and continuity of patient care.

Medical transcriptionists in reliable transcription companies have a wide range of skills that they continue to hone and update. They convert audio or video records of physician notes, medical imaging reports, patient histories, discharge summaries into error-free text files in custom turnaround time. They are well-trained in the terminology and jargon associated with the medical specialties they serve. In addition to good typing skills, they are keen listeners and have excellent language skills, and focused on ensuring accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the reports they produce. In fact, by outsourcing medical transcription to a reliable service provider, physicians can be ensured of clinical documentation with accuracy levels of up to 99 percent.

As an experienced medical transcription company providing HIPAA-compliant documentation solutions for all healthcare specialties, MTS Transcription Services joins the industry in recognizing the contributions made by medical transcriptionists.

Happy Medical Transcription Week!