Medical Transcription vs. Computer-based Voice Recognition Software

Though it is catching up as a preferred method of inputting text into a computer, voice recognition software has certain problems that override its merits. It needs a number of requirements such as desktop workspace, hardware and software. It requires a keyboard, microphone, screen, speakers, headphones and a computer.

Voice recognition software has been posed as a tough competitor for medical transcription, but this needn’t be the case. Dictating medical details is easier with medical transcription, because you need only a telephone or mobile, word processing software, and a medical transcriber.

In order to do transcription using advanced voice recognition software a less noisy working environment is required. Voice recognition cannot work with formatting types such as bold, italics, automatically numbered lists, bulleted lists and tables. It cannot properly place the required punctuations.

Limitations of Voice Recognition Software

Need of a silent environment: A voice recognition program needs a silent environment for correct interpretation of the spoken words, when you do not own a microphone that filters out ambient noise. In a noisy environment, voice recognition software may fail to recognize your voice, and in addition, it may generate text from loud voices in your background.

Vocal strain: You may find it difficult to speak rather loudly when using the voice recognition software.

Inaccuracy: Although voice recognition software may interpret your spoken words correctly most of the time, proofreading and correction are necessary after dictating a file. You will have to make corrections in the punctuation. Voice recognition software will not be able to recognize certain words such as brand names or unfamiliar surnames until you add those words to the program’s library.

Difficulty in interpretation of unfamiliar voices: Each user needs to “train” the voice recognition software after completing the installation. In the training process you need to read out different passages in a loud voice. The software may not work well or provide the required level of accuracy when used by people with unusual or foreign accents.

Outsourcing your transcription works to a medical transcription company that offers services at cost-effective rates is in many ways more practical and economical than going for expensive and time-consuming voice recognition software.