Medical Transcription Services – The Basics

Medical Transcription ServicesMedical transcription services have made things easy for time-strapped physicians. All they have to do is either dial a toll-free number to dictate the medical information to be transcribed, or use a battery operated digital recorder for the purpose. The medical transcription company retrieves the recordings made to the phone. Files dictated to a recorder can be converted to the MP3 format and sent via the Internet using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Highly Knowledgeable Professionals

The medical transcriptionists employed by the service provider firm are competent and knowledgeable about medical terminology and can accurately transcribe the dictations without errors. They would also be well-versed in comprehending and transcribing foreign accents. You just have to specify a turnaround time and they complete your project by the given deadline.

HIPAA Compliance – An Important Factor

The security and confidentiality of patient information is of utmost importance. Thus, if you have found yourself an HIPAA compliant company, you need have no worries. The important security measures that such companies take are:

•    Passwords required to use computers and even to start Windows
•    Password protection of storage lockers
•    Employees at the company are searched as they enter and before they leave the company premises
•    Monthly back-ups
•    Training provided to staff on HIPAA privacy, confidentiality and security.

You Can Edit Transcribed Files

Your medical transcription company would give you the facility to view files that are in the process of being transcribed and to edit them if you feel the need. You can benefit from flexibility in the format of your transcription and in the mode of delivery of the completed project. A free trial would help you to analyze the medical transcription services of an MT company before you decide to outsource your requirements to them.