Medical Transcription Services Embrace Innovative Approaches for Betterment

Medical Transcription Services

Over the years, technology has evolved considerably and just as various other sectors, it has changed how medical transcription is done. Today, it is more computer-based and uses advanced communication methodologies for faster transfer of medical data. The latest technological addition to the healthcare industry, EHR, has transformed medical documentation and made it more efficient and easily accessible. However, the implementation of EHR has also led to physician burnout as now providers have to spend more hours on computers to document patient details. However, with medical transcription services physicians can continue to dictate their notes, and the dictations can be transcribed and then uploaded to their EHR using HL7 interface. This shows that the medical transcription still plays a significant role and to survive in this competitive digital world, these transcription services have to adopt the latest innovative approaches.

Five New Techniques in Medical Transcription Process

  • Use of specialized industry software: Medical transcriptionists need to be familiar with medical terminology and the names of various medical procedures that doctors may mention in their dictation. Specific software may have to be used to verify spellings and medical terms. Therefore, medical transcription vendors should ensure that they use the latest and specialized software to provide seamless service.
  • Speech recognition technology: Speech recognition technology is an important development, with many vendors providing speech recognition software that can be integrated with the physician’s EHR. However, only if a physician can record the patient data efficiently, transcribing can be done effortlessly. Today there are several recording options like smartphones, toll-free number, voice recorder etc that enable you to record the voice clearly. Another advantage of multiple recordings is that if any one of these devices goes wrong, the transcription can be done with other recording options. When speech recognition software prepares the transcripts, the professional transcriptionist plays the role of a proof-reader/editor, correcting mistakes if any and adding any missing information.
  • Collaborating with third party: Transcription services can collaborate with cloud storage facility that allows data to be stored on cloud system; and it can be shared and accessed from anywhere at any time. Collaborating with these facilities is an innovative approach that allows transcription services to secure patient’s medical records and also share it with medical professionals if required.
  • Assure security: It is vital for all healthcare organizations and other related entities to be HIPAA-compliant. It ensures security while transmitting medical data between the clinicians as well as the transcription services. Professional transcription services use the latest and innovative security systems to ensure that no medical records are compromised.
  • Minimal turnaround time: Less turnaround time is one of the most important advantages of transcription services. Payments by insurance companies are done based on the submission of the bills and medical history. So, if the transcription companies deliver the records early, it helps clinicians in early reporting of the payments for reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Many advancements and innovative approaches in medical transcription services is important to provide accurate medical reports. These accurate reports allow physicians to offer better patient care, adopt effective treatment measures, and provide quality services. In order to obtain error-free medical records, a blended approach of both medical transcription and EHR system is the ideal option. Physicians can easily dictate using their preferred recording device; the data is encrypted and sent to a medical transcriptionist who transcribes the recordings into accurate transcripts, which are later integrated into the physician’s EHR. Reliable medical transcription companies use HL-7 interface to provide EHR- integrated medical transcription to healthcare providers.