Medical Transcription Services – Benefits for Medical Practices

Medical facilities that outsource their medical transcription jobs to a reliable transcription firm stand to gain many benefits. Today, transcripts are generated for all types of medical reports including patient histories and physical reports, consultation notes, initial evaluation, follow up notes and health reports. There is little wonder that medical facilities prefer to outsource the work rather than do it in-house.

Medical Transcription Services – Many Benefits

Some of the key benefits that medical facilities gain by outsourcing medical transcription work are:

  • Accurate transcripts – MT service providers have trained and qualified transcriptionists at work who are committed to accuracy. Experts in medical terminology, they can generate quality transcripts with minimum flaws.
  • Stringent quality assurance – Outsourcing companies have stringent Quality Assurance (QA) measures in place to ensure accuracy in the transcribed output. The documents are passed through a three level quality check by editors, proofreaders and medical experts. Reference materials and electronic medical dictionaries are also utilized to ensure error-free documentation.
  • Saves money and time – Since transcribing activities are fully channeled to the outsourcing companies, medical facilities can save on the expenses that would be needed to hire and train in-house transcriptionists, as well as set up the necessary infrastructure. Besides, as they are free of tedious medical record documentation tasks, they get more time to focus on their core tasks, including patient care.
  • Quality solutions in quick turnaround time – Most outsourcing companies offer transcription solutions in customized turnaround time. They are open to negotiations and therefore provide transcripts within the prescribed time limit.
  • Data security – In order to ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive patient data, reliable companies provide medical transcription services in compliance with HIPAA guidelines. The transcribed documents are stored securely and the files are transferred using advanced 128-bit encryption technology.
  • Competitive pricing – Established transcription companies are well-positioned to offer premium medical transcription solutions at very affordable rates.

Presently, all medical practices including Cardiology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Chiropractic, Pain Management and Podiatry outsource their transcription work. It is important to entrust your transcription services to a professional medical transcription company to gain the maximum advantage.