Medical Transcription Service Provider in Tulsa, OK

With increase in the demand for outsourcing medical transcription jobs, the number of medical transcription service providers in Tulsa, OK has also increased steadily. Medical transcription companies in Tulsa offer high quality medical transcription services at reasonable rates for clients not only in Oklahoma but throughout the USA.

With a strong dedication to customer service and satisfaction, a reliable medical transcription service provider in Tulsa, OK not only guarantees increased productivity but also reduced expenses. Such a firm offers medical transcription services in different medical specialties and sub-specialties including dermatology, hematology, psychology, cardiology, plastic surgery, neurology, oncology and many more.

Medical transcription companies in Tulsa undertake transcription of a wide range of medical records including patient history, diagnostic details, physical reports, laboratory summaries, consultation notes, referrals, follow-up letters, test reports, death summaries, surgical summaries, X-ray reports and more. In order to ensure complete security for data, all the transcription activities are carried out in a safe and secure environment.

They can provide customized medical transcription services according to the needs of the clients. Services come with a high degree of data security and privacy procedures. Their varied clients include hospitals, clinics, medical centers, group physicians, and individual doctors.

The key features of medical transcription companies in Tulsa are listed below:

  • Toll free and mobile dictation
  • Free digital recorders for dictation
  • Customized medical transcription solution
  • Web-based transcription
  • Electronic medical recording capabilities
  • Confidentiality of patient details
  • Completed records in industry standard file formats
  • Secure file transfer
  • 256 bit AES encryption method
  • Backup copies of completed records
  • Quick turnaround time

Before making a decision to hire a medical transcription service provider in Tulsa, there are certain aspects a healthcare facility needs to know. These include the experience of the transcription service provider in the field, the accuracy level of transcription offered, turnaround time promised, pricing and the measures taken for data security.