Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Some Myths Dispelled

  • Outsourcing medical transcription affects documentation quality: This is far from true. In fact, outsourcing to the right service provider ensures top quality transcripts. Each client would be assigned a team of transriptionists skilled in his or her specialty to assure consistency. Transcription is performed using a standard electronic medical dictionary, the American Drug Index and state-of-the-art converters to allow for adjustment of speed and pitch. Finally, all medical transcripts are put through a three level quality check by editors, proofreaders and medical editors to ensure accuracy levels of up to 99%.
  • Medical transcription is like data entry: The skills that a medical transcriptionist requires are very different from those of a data entry operator. In excellent keyboard typing skills, the transcriptionist must possess excellent listening skills and a thorough knowledge of medical terminology and jargon. Understanding accents is also important. A healthcare practice also benefits from easy report availability, reduced staff burden and freeing up of time and resources by outsourcing its documentation tasks.
  • Anyone can do medical transcription: In addition to being well versed in the English grammar and word processing software, a medical transcriptionist needs to be trained and educated about medical procedures, terminology and drugs. Good listening and typing skills are also necessary. It is also important that the transcriptionist keeps abreast with the latest happenings in the medical field.
  • Voice recognition software works much better than medical transcription: Voice recognition software cannot replace transcription. The software must be trained to recognize the physician’s voice. The software cannot correct grammar or punctuation. In short, it cannot think for itself as the medical transcriptionst can to provide proper medical documentation.
  • Outsourcing endangers security of patient files: Outsourcing to a HIPAA compliant medical transcription company ensures security in accordance with the latest HIPAA guidelines.

It’s important to find the right service provider. Outsourcing medical transcription to the right service provider can ensure quality solutions in quick turnaround time at affordable cost.