Medical Transcription for Healthcare Industry

These days, maintaining extensive medical records is vital and mandatory for treating patients. Here comes the relevance of an efficient medical transcription service. Most healthcare firms in the healthcare industry including hospitals, clinics and group practitioners are making use of this service to create error-free medical reports.

Medical Transcription Companies Meet the Accelerating Needs

Understanding the expanding demand for medical transcription service in the healthcare industry, many companies are now offering efficient medical transcription services. Most of the transcription firms have highly skilled and experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to offer top-quality, professional medical transcription service to healthcare providers looking for secure, HIPAA compliant, TAT-guaranteed and accurate service. Accuracy, professionalism, and security are the hallmarks of a secure medical transcription service provider.

Transcriptionists Ensure Accurate Medical Reports

A medical transcriptionist accurately transcribes the audio files of the patient’s medical record, dictated by physicians, into text format. They offer transcription services to various specialties such as gastroenterology, cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, rehabilitation medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedics and internal medicine. The transcribed text can be clinic notes, office notes, pathology reports, lab reports, psychiatric evaluations, discharge summaries, consultation notes and X-ray reports.

Various Benefits of Medical Transcription Service

Medical transcription services ensure benefits including increased profitability and cash flow, and improved practice efficiency. Advanced technology allows the providers to offer cost-effective and high quality service. Benefits include:

  • Variable turnaround time
  • Server based phone-in dictation system
  • Supports a variety of handheld digital recorders
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • HL-7 interface to HIS, CIS and EMR
  • Secure server for file storage and electronic transfer of files

Find a Professional, Experienced Company

A professional, experienced company offers excellent medical transcription services for the healthcare industry, relieving a considerable amount of the administrative burden.

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