Medical Transcription Document Management

Medical Transcription Document Management
The presence of an excellent system of document management is one of the main advantages that established medical transcription outsourcing companies ensure their clients. Efficient electronic document management systems help offices to go paperless.

Many Benefits

Outsourced medical transcription document management solutions from the right service provider ensure many benefits:

  • Custom document workflow
  • Integration of both digital recorder and toll-free number use
  • Document and audio file archives
  • Enabling of online evaluation and editing
  • Customizable interface feature so that your browser will have the look and feel of your hospital/clinic/multi-specialty healthcare center
  • Convenient downloading and faxing or emailing of transcripts to recipients such as yourself
  • Digital/electronic signature capabilities
  • HL7 transcription
  • Availability of transcription reports that show how transcription of specific files is progressing
  • You can go through older files and search through archives (the period limit for this would vary with contractual agreements)
  • Production of billing reports
  • Availability of activity logs that satisfy HIPAA norms
  • Support for all hardware and software requirements
  • Custom turnaround time

Document Management Should Factor in your Choice

When you compare different providers of medical transcription services, ask them questions about their document management system. If you are convinced that you would get all the above-mentioned benefits from a particular service provider, that is an important plus point in their favor.