Medical Transcription and Document Management: An Ideal Combination

Medical Transcription and Document Management

With the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), medical transcriptionists have also evolved into medical documentation specialists. In keeping with requirements, medical transcription services include EHR-integrated documentation solutions.

Medical transcription services have facilitated the smooth transition to electronic patient records, providing healthcare providers with detailed patient notes in the EHR in the form of transcripts. Technological advancements allow physicians to dictate their notes via their preferred handheld digital recorder, smartphone, speech recognition software on a computer, or a toll-free telephone number provided by the medical transcription company. They can choose to send the dictations immediately or record the dictations throughout the day and send them as a single set later. Medical transcription companies can provide EHR-integrated documentation solutions.

Combining transcription and document management can improve productivity, efficiency and workflow in healthcare settings. Implementing EHR becomes easy with reliable transcription solutions that facilitate uninterrupted physician workflow and patient interaction.

Medical Transcription and Efficient Document Management

The recordings sent by physicians are transcribed and edited by skilled transcriptionists and medical editors, and uploaded into the EHR. These records contain all vital information about the patient such as name, age, geographical details, physical examination reports, referral letters, treatment provided, lab reports, discharge summaries and so on. Storing these reports systematically is necessary.

Healthcare BPO service providers offer web-based applications for document management, which allow physicians to access clinical data at anytime from anywhere and communicate patient information when needed. These innovative platforms enable providers to view, manage and share information through any PC connected to the internet. Here are the key advantages of a state-of-the-art healthcare document management system:

  • Reviews the transcripts, edits and prints them, and approves them with your electronic signature.
  • Shares the healthcare information securely with physicians and other members in the care team. Also, provides the required details to insurance companies.
  • Allows searching the medical documentation for key phrases, indications, conditions and medications.

Advantages of Medical Transcription Document Management

Outsourcing medical transcription and document management to an efficient service provider offers several benefits:

  • Custom document workflow
  • Document and audio file archives
  • Enabling of online evaluation and editing
  • Customizable interface feature so that your browser will have the look and feel of your hospital/clinic/multi-specialty healthcare center
  • Convenient downloading and faxing/emailing of transcripts to authorized users
  • Digital/electronic signature capabilities
  • HL7 transcription
  • Reports showing progress of file transcription
  • Search through archives (the period limit for this would vary with contractual agreements)
  • Availability of activity logs that satisfy HIPAA norms
  • Support for all hardware and software requirements
  • Transcripts in custom turnaround time

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Dedicated healthcare document management systems enable easy access and quick retrieval of records, which serves as foundation for ongoing clinical decision-making, continuity of care, maximized reimbursement, and risk management. A reliable medical transcription company can ensure HIPAA-compliant clinical documentation solutions in fast turnaround time.

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