Medical Transcription Company Providing HIPAA Compliant Services

Medical Transcription Company Providing HIPAA Compliant ServicesMost healthcare facilities, individual practitioners and group practices are now outsourcing their transcription jobs. In the United States, numerous established companies offer quality transcription services. Selecting a professional medical transcription company providing HIPAA compliant services helps healthcare experts to gain from organized services that ensure greater security and confidentiality for patient medical records.

Securing Patient Information and Heath Records

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was specifically formulated to safeguard patient identities, and protect the rights of individuals and their health information through enhanced security standards. When outsourcing their transcription jobs, medical facilities should take care to hire the services of a reliable medical transcription company providing quality transcription services that strictly adhere to HIPAA norms. This would ensure safety and privacy for patient personal information and health records throughout the transcription phase − right from receiving the files to delivery of the transcripts. To protect medical records from unauthorized access, review or manipulation, the computer systems in these firms are integrated with top-quality security options such as:

  • Firewall and antivirus software, which are updated daily
  • File encryption software
  • Password protected email and FTP sites
  • Passwords to use the computers and to start Windows
  • Minimum 128-bit encryption for all transferred files
  • Passwords to open files
  • All external drives including floppy disk drives and USB ports are disabled to prevent illegal copying of documents

Stringent Quality Assurance

Medical transcription companies providing HIPAA compliant services are equipped with advanced technology, software utilities and dictation systems. Moreover, their skilled and experienced transcriptionists are trained on HIPAA rules and procedures. They offer quality transcripts for all medical reports such as patient history and physical reports, consultation notes, x-ray reports, referrals, laboratory summaries, office notes, follow-up letters, discharge summaries, and more. The HIPAA compliant transcription services of a professional company ensure:

  • Stringent quality assurance at three levels
  • Transcribed files with 99% accuracy
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Toll free numbers and digital dictation options
  • Document flow management for end-to-end tracking of data
  • 24×7 technical assistance
  • Availability of full workflow modules

Choose a Reputable Company

When outsourcing their medical documentation jobs, medical practitioners and facilities should choose a reputable medical transcription company providing HIPAA compliant services. This would improve their productivity and help them focus on their core competencies and patient care.