Medical Transcription and EMR Should Proceed Hand in Hand

According to Lori Jayne, Lahey Clinic’s director of health information management, medical transcription is the foundation of EMRs. So, if healthcare providers want to see considerable improvements in their clinical documentation, healthcare transcription in combination with EMR instead of just EMR is a good idea.

Prompt and Quick Service

Physical therapists and other medical practitioners dictate into a digital dictation machine or toll-free number. Their medical transcription company delivers the completed transcripts within 24 hours which is quite quick. The use of transcription together with EMR for their CDI (clinical documentation improvement) ensures benefits in the following areas:

  • RAC audits
  • CDI program
  • Continued and enhanced revenue
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Adherence to OIG

Winner in Many Respects

Medical transcription also improves the utilization of EMR in the following respects:

  • Merges with EMRs – Medical transcription can flawlessly merge with EMRs and mechanically populate the transcribed matter into the suitable EMR fields utilizing DRT (discrete reportable transcription). With medical transcription-merged EMR, physicians get more time to devote to patient care and hospital activities.
  • Improves Usability – Transcription goes well with EMRs and betters their usability. Many of the patient encounter notes are not easily grasped by the EMR’s documentation choices. Transcription offers a usable and valuable documentation means for the EMR.
  • Speeds up EMR implementation – Medical transcription speeds up and widens EMR implementation for healthcare providers.