Justification for Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Medical Transcription OutsourcingThe U.S. is still feeling the negative effects of the recession along with problems such as strict compliance regulations, packed deadlines and difficult budgets. So, medical transcription outsourcing is something which your healthcare practice shouldn’t have to think twice about. This blog gives you some good, valid reasons to outsource.

  • Better Quality – Your back office team may not as familiar with medical terminology and English language use as you would want them to be. There are chances of errors creeping in. Medical transcriptionists at a reliable transcription company would have received exhaustive training in comprehending medical terms and jargon and foreign dialects and accents and in English language use and style. These transcriptionists would have also acquired experience in preparing different medical records for a wide range of medical specialties. You can thus expect fewer errors.
  • Offshore Resources – Very often, medical transcription outsourcing companies use the services of offshore manpower. This is good because wages are lower in countries such as India and the Philippines. What’s more, the difference in time zones gives you the assurance that there are people working dedicatedly on your project even as you sleep, to complete and deliver it to you by the time you wake up. Backlog can also be cut down.
  • Lower Costs – Managing an in-house transcription team is a costly affair. You have to worry about matters such as hiring and training suitable staff, installing costly infrastructure, ensuring its upkeep and also upgrading to more modern equipment. Outsource and you don’t have to worry about all these things. You’ll also notice that your operating costs get considerably reduced.
  • Convenient Output – A first-class service provider would usually deliver documents that are both comprehensible and multipurpose at all interfaces.
  • Transferable Across the Globe – With the internet revolution, service providers can now transfer your files to wherever you are, in whichever part of the globe.
  • HIPAA Compliance – If you are outsourcing to an HIPAA compliant company, you can rest assured that their infrastructure would be secured against data theft.
  • Anytime Access – A leading medical transcription service provider would keep backups of patient records. If you want to access them at a later date, chances are that the files would still be there with the company. In addition, once you’ve outsourced a transcription project to the company, you can view the files to see the work that has been/is being done and to make any necessary corrections.

Some of the other benefits of medical transcription outsourcing are flexibility in dictation modalities and file transfer, efficient customer support, custom turnaround and EHR or EPM feeds.