Importance of the Three Ls

Medical transcription services are very much in demand as they help healthcare facilities save time and money as well as improve efficiency.  Here are three important ‘Ls’ in medical transcription:

Listening skills
The ability to listen carefully is very important for quality transcription. A good transcriptionist should be identify what’s being said and transcribe the right thing. For instance, it’s important to be able to make out the difference between consonants such as ‘d’ and ‘t’, ‘p’ and ‘b’, ‘g’ and ‘k’ and so on.

Look over by quality analysts
After a file is transcribed, look over by a quality analyst is essential. Transcriptionists work fast to meet turnaround time. To ensure accuracy, it’s important that editors look over the file to find mistakes. Errors in medical transcription, however minor, can sometimes prove serious and even fatal to the patient. A professional company would have a stringent multi-level QA to ensure accuracy levels of up to 99%.
Limited time for file delivery
A professional medical transcription company can deliver solutions in custom turnaround time. It would have teams of transcriptionists trained in different specialties, and this ensures file delivery in keeping with each specialty’s unique requirements.