Importance of Quality Assurance Process

The quality of a transcribed page can be measured in terms of the percentage of accuracy of the transcribed documents. Industry standards require that up to 99% accuracy should be maintained in the transcripts. The audio provided for transcription should be of good quality.

Different Levels in the Quality Assurance Process

  • The first level is the process of medical transcription done by medical transcriptionists.
  • At the second level, the files are checked by a proofreader (PR). The proofreader examines the working document for integrity of content.
  • At the third level, files are checked by a quality controller (QC)
  • The final level of checking is done by the quality auditor (QA). He will analyze the quality of the delivered product and also check the overall quality of the files done at all the previous levels.

Guidelines for Quality Assurance

The quality in medical transcription is very important. It is the duty of the service providers to maintain and follow a quality assurance policy based on the following guidelines:

  • The quality process should be made available to all the workers involved in the transcription process including the transcriptionists, proofreaders, editors and quality assurance team.
  • The quality assurance program should not affect the outcome of the documentation process including the progression of work, turnaround time and technology.
  • It is important to make necessary modifications in the QA policy according to particular requirements and specifications.
  • Proper training should be given to the QA staff.
  • Create and plan a budget for implementing the quality assurance program.
  • Follow all the guidelines and rules for good quality assessment

Quality assurance plays a significant role in ensuring excellent quality transcribed documents. So if you are outsourcing your medical transcription, let it be to a reliable medical transcription company offering good turnaround time and affordable costs.

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