How Medical Transcriptionists Preserve The Integrity Of The Medical Record [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even in this the age of electronic health records and speech recognition systems, human medical transcriptionists (MTs) still have a significant role to play in the healthcare system. They convert the physician’s dictated report into text format and highlight discrepancies for correction. Though this may sound relatively simple and straightforward, there’s more to it. With computerized audio-to-text conversion by speech recognition software, MTs have a crucial role in editing the results. They make the necessary corrections by reviewing the text while listening to the original audio file to ensure accurate capture and formatting of the content. However, to ensure error-free transcription with proper formatting and grammar correction, rely on a skilled medical transcription service provider. They will ensure that the physician receives an accurate, timely, and secure record.

Check out this infographic to know how MTs preserve the integrity of the medical record:

Medical Transcriptionists