How to Select a Good Radiology Transcription Service Provider

Medical transcription is an essential service in the healthcare field. With reliable transcription services provided by established medical transcription companies, documenting and maintaining medical records has become simple. HIPAA compliant transcription services are provided for all medical specialties. Radiology transcription firms provide excellent support to radiologists, hospital ancillary departments, imaging centers and medical facilities.

Important Things to Consider

  • Your partnering firm should have the latest advanced technologies in place
  • They should ensure timely delivery of transcripts
  • The transcripts generated should be error-free and accurate
  • Customized turnaround time is important to ensure that you receive the transcripts when you need them
  • Excellent quality assurance measures are mandatory
  • The services should be offered at an affordable rate
  • They should be able to work inside a Radiology Information System (RIS) that facilitates the management of radiological records and related data in multiple locations
  • The transcriptionists and editors should be professionally trained and experienced
  • The firm should be HIPAA compliant to stay assured that the information you share with them remains confidentialv
  • The medical transcription company’s years of professional experience in this field is important

These are the main things to consider when assigning your medical transcription jobs to a transcription company.

Online Transcription Companies for Reliable Services
Reputable online medical transcription companies maintain very good security standards. They have on staff trained and experienced transcriptionists. All computers are password protected. Files sent across the internet are encrypted to prevent data leak. Backups of data are created periodically. Secure FTP and email accounts are important for secure file transfers.

There are some highly regarded medical transcription companies that offer free trial option for their services. This is good because prospective clients can evaluate their service quality, turnaround time and other important details before asking for their radiology transcription services.