How E-Health Helps to Improve Patient Care and Support

In today’s fast-paced world with the increasing need for speedy information sharing and flawless communication, all industries are in search of innovations to streamline workflow and assure quality service. The healthcare industry has also adopted new technologies such as EHR, speech recognition system and so on, and with reliable EHR-integrated medical transcription services, physicians can now maintain error-free medical records. E-health is also one such innovation that is now widely used in the healthcare industry. E-health refers to the use of information and communication technologies in health and health-related activities, which includes health education, health surveillance, knowledge management, research, telemedicine, digital health records, mHealth or mobile solutions and so on.

E Health

Healthcare practitioners are moving to a complete digital system to share patient information more easily and efficiently. E-health is a platform that allows to network and share information quickly among physicians. According to TarynSpringhall, editor at E-Health News, “In practice this encompasses many aspects of digital health, including electronic patient management system, digital health records, mHealth or mobile solutions and much more.” E-health focuses on both public and private use all over the world. It helps to connect health workers from remote parts of the world to advanced data centralization in the US. It covers almost all geographical and thematic areas where digitizing can be cost-effective.

Ms. Springhallsays that “regions like UK, US and Europe have made advances in incorporating e Health as a key part of health system. What we see as a common thread between those different countries is political leadership to move from paper-based systems to digital ones. Reforms like the Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use program and the UK’s Personalised Health and Care 2020 are about leveraging public health data, reducing waste and costs, relooking at reimbursement models, filling gaps in infrastructure and alleviating some of the burden on healthcare workers.”

The healthcare sector does face some challenges such as poor training opportunities, lack of skilled medical professionals and skilled specialists among others. But E-health could help to overcome these shortcomings. It provides access to quality care and is not limited by geography, improves patient access to care, and ensures more productivity.

Global E-Health Market 2018 to 2025

Market Insight’s research report “Global E-Health market 2018 to 2025” focuses on market events like product launches, mergers and acquisitions, new business strategies and other technological developments by major market players in E-Health. The report analyzes the market size (revenue), market segments, and market share for the next five years. The global E-health market is expected to rise considerably during the period 2018-2025.

From the year 2000, health services in both developed and developing countries are widely using information and communication technologies (ICTs). The factors that contribute to the growth of the E-Health market are better electronic communication with great speed, connectivity, better access and wide range of electronic communication over time and location constraints. According to the report, mobile health (Mhealth) is also expected to grow due to rising consumer demands to access their healthcare providers and increased need for transparency in healthcare. The usage of Remote Health Monitoring Devices is increasing. It is an extension of the digital transformation of the healthcare industry that helps medical businesses to expand, and insurance companies to engage with patients by providing better service.

Any kind of digital innovation that can support more efficient patient care and reduce workload for healthcare providers is a great boon for the healthcare sector. Practitioners who prefer medical transcription outsourcing for accurate documentation also look for medical transcription companies using the latest technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy. E-Health is an innovative solution for the healthcare industry and a great support for aging societies and people who suffer from chronic diseases to access better patient care. Innovations such as these must be accompanied by proper training and support in implementation if users are to receive the full benefits. In addition, confidentiality and privacy concerns must also be addressed effectively.