Gynecology Transcription Services Ensuring Accuracy and Security

Gynecology transcription services are essential in healthcare practices. These are now provided by reliable transcription firms that offer customized services catering to their clients’ specific requirements. MT firms are becoming more competitive in the global market, so you have to choose the right provider. Professional medical transcription companies offer gynecology transcription services ensuring accuracy and security.

Outsourcing your transcription requirements to a third party agency lessens your workload and gives you more time to concentrate on core activities of your practice. Medical transcription outsourcing companies offer accurate transcripts within the set time period and will take all precautionary measures to protect the patient’s health information. Partner with a good medical transcription outsourcing company and enjoy a host of benefits including increased patient satisfaction and improved productivity.

Quality Assured Gynecology Transcription Services

Transcribing various gynecology records requires great attention to detail, and impeccable accuracy. It requires the medical transcriptionists to be skilled and highly knowledgeable regarding the specific terminology used. For ensuring 99% accuracy in the transcribed records, strict proofing is carried out at different levels by these firms.

  • Three levels of checking by editors, proofreaders and medical editors
  • The transcriptions will be done using software which includes:
    • Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary along with the entire range of Stedman’s books
    • American Drug Index
  • Use of Microsoft Word of MS Office 97/98 and 2000, WordPerfect 9. Sound / Media Players and converters such as GoldWave, Windows Media Player, DVIPS, WinAmp, MSV, ICS, DVF, DSS and PC Dart PlayAll that allow adjustment of pitch and speed

HIPAA Compliant Transcription Practices

Just as quality and accuracy, another important aspect you have to be sure about is information security. Patient and medical related information are confidential in nature, and appropriate security measures should be followed to protect the patient’s information. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is important in medical transcription.

You may wonder how to choose the right medical transcription company from among the many companies out there. Well, before making any decision, it will be best to make a comparative analysis. Apart from confirming the amount of skill and qualifications their workers have, it is important to verify whether the transcription firm is HIPAA-compliant and follows all the necessary norms. Almost all medical transcription companies claim to provide gynecology transcription services ensuring accuracy and security, but not all of them provide the same. So, to get the best out of them, select a provider who has sufficient experience working in the field of medical transcription.