Funny Bloopers from Medical Transcriptionists [Infographics]

It is important that medical transcriptions maintain an accuracy rate of 99% which is indeed possible with good audio. However, sometimes medical transcriptionists make errors while transcribing physician’s dictations. If you want to reduce or eliminate errors, ensure that medical transcription outsourcing is done to a reliable and experienced service provider.

Medical transcription errors can be serious. A minor error in the transcript or a misspelling of medicine or dosage can cause major health hazards to the patients or even death.

On the lighter side, here are some funny instances of medical transcription.

This infographic shows some funny errors by medical transcriptionists.

Funny Bloopers from Medical Transcriptionists

Here are some recommendations to help practitioners prevent medical transcription errors:

  • Ensure clear recording of dictation
  • Provide precise and complete information
  • Spell out complex words
  • Use a standard format for dictating reports
  • Review dictated reports properly

To ensure accuracy in medical documentation, the transcribed files must be thoroughly reviewed by proofreaders, senior editors and medical experts.