Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services

Committed to customer service and satisfaction, medical transcription companies in the US offer web-enabled fast, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services to individual physicians, clinicians, medical office administrators, group practices, acute care facilities, free standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, and hospitals.

Fast, accurate, cost effective medical transcription services include:

  • Transcription of patient history
  • Transcription of consultation notes and diagnostic notes
  • Transcription of physical examination reports
  • Transcription of progress notes and operative notes
  • Transcription of follow-up procedures
  • Transcription of discharge summaries

Quick, accurate and affordable medical transcription services are delivered by utilizing state-of-the-art transcription software coupled with qualified and experienced transcribers, technical support staff, editors, proofreaders and quality analysts having thorough knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations.

Medical transcription services are available for all medical specialties including radiology, cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine and more. A transcription group will be assigned for you, based on the type of medical specialty for which medical transcription services are required. They will transcribe your medical documents, do quality checks and give back the transcribed files via FTP or e-mail. Once the files are transcribed, they are checked for accuracy by proofreaders and editors.

In medical transcription service, the pricing rate is determined by considering factors such as volume, specialty requirements, turnaround time, document management flow system requirement, types of dictations selected and so on.

Features of Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services

  • Automated electronic report distribution
  • Document flow management system
  • Excellent customer support
  • Increased work flow and productivity
  • Fast, accurate and competitive turnaround time on transcription of medical dictations
  • Competitive prices
  • Cost-effective, innovative and high tech services
  • Customizing and maintaining EMR
  • 100 % HIPAA compliance
  • Digital handheld recorders
  • 24 hour toll-free dictation line and free trial
  • Retrieval of completed records via secure VPN

Secured FTP (File transfer protocol) with an FTP software package