Electronic Signature for Medical Transcription

Considered the equivalent of the typical handwritten signature, the electronic signature (e-signature) has quickly become an essential element of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). It is one of the impressive features of medical transcription services offered by reputable outsourcing companies. With the arrival of the electronic signature feature, only the physician’s typed name is required on the report instead of a physical signature. As long as the physician has a computer with internet access, he can sign his patient’s medical records with his electronic signature.

Advantages of Electronic Signature

  • Enables charts to be accessible for patient care even when documents have yet to be signed
  • No longer required to print hard copies of dictations and keep them sitting on the physician’s table till he gets the time to review and sign them
  • Improves office efficiency because it is not necessary to physically take out charts for signature
  • Minimizes the workflow process for administration staff
  • Signature security ensured owing to individual provider PINs and username and password security for each physician
  • Frees up more time for the healthcare entity to devote to patient care
  • Reduces turnaround for finished document
  • Easy to use and convenient