Determining the Right Dictation Tool for Your Transcription Process

It is important for medical practitioners to record their patient diagnosis details for ensuring appropriate ongoing care, and also to get accurate reimbursement from payers. Physicians may choose to outsource their transcription requirements, in which case transcription companies ensure that the dictations are accepted via secure media. There are two convenient tools provided for accepting physicians’ dictation for medical transcription. They are digital recorder and toll-free number for telephone dictation.

Earlier, Dictaphone machines and handheld tape recorders were used. But the Dictaphone machines were big and stationary. So they were difficult to handle. Handheld tape recorders and mini and micro-cassette tape recorders were portable devices that had the drawback that they could be lost or misplaced easily. Another issue was that they had to be connected to a computer to download the files. In comparison to these devices, the innovative digital recorder was a remarkable change.

Advantages of Using Telephone Dictation

  • Dictate from any phone, from any location, round the clock
  • The dictation can be delivered instantly via the internet
  • Digital recording of high quality because the dictation is done through a landline phone
  • Files recorded are automatically saved
  • File movement is secure

Digital Recorder Advantages

  • High performance, increased productivity and convenience
  • High quality digital recording is possible.
  • They are portable and can be carried anywhere you go
  • They have slide switches for pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding
  • Better sound quality
  • Anywhere, anytime access for dictating your medical reports
  • Low power consumption
  • Secure transmission

Selection of the right dictation tool is very important for the medical transcription process. The physician has the freedom to select the right tool for dictation. Physicians who were used to working with tape recorders are presently using digital recorders because they are very much similar in dictation style. A good medical transcription company can help you by providing the right tool for dictation. Your transcription process can be completed in good turnaround time at cost-effective rates.