Data Security and Confidentiality with Cloud-based Transfer

For every transcription service provider, protecting and maintaining the security and confidentiality of sensitive client data such as medical records is the highest priority. With advance in Information Technology (IT), storage of important data has become hassle-free with introduction of cloud-based transfer. This form of data storage features a secure web server hosted by third parties.

Many reputable medical transcription companies use cloud based FTP servers for storage. Clients can access the transcribed documents with a username and password provided to them. The hosted web servers are maintained by an administrator that monitors all the clients at the same time.  Cloud-based storage offers many benefits:

  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant – HIPAA compliance is a necessity when it comes to medical transcription. The sharing and retrieving of important information has to comply with HIPAA regulations. With cloud-based storage systems, a transcription company can safely host anything from to progress notes to patient discharge summaries.
  • Access data anytime, anywhere – To access your transcribed documents from cloud-based storage, all you need an internet connection to download/upload information share information with your co-workers.
  • Utilizing storage space – It is essentially waste of money when you back your records on a hard drive and used only a fraction of the disk space. In a cloud-based storage, you pay only for the space that you require on the server.
  • Well organized and easy to search – It is easy for you search for transcribed documents from the cloud-based storage system. The uploaded documents are clearly named and well organized for easy search and access.