Comparison of U.S based and Off-Shore Medical Transcription

off-shore-medical-transcriptionOutsourcing medical transcription tasks is common practice for the many advantages that it offers the healthcare professional. However, there is the question of choosing between U.S. based and off-shore medical transcription in countries such as India, the Philippines, and so on. Before you make your choice, compare these options. Here are some pertinent considerations:

Productivity – The transcription team in an offshore company is working US day time while it is night time there. This might affect production. This does not happen with a US based transcription service provider who works U.S. day time and is available when you need their services. Productivity can also be affected by internet speeds. Internet speeds are varied offshore depending on where you are in the world. A high speed internet connection, DSL or cable modem is crucial for quick downloading of dictations and transcribed files.

Turnaround Time (TAT) – The time zone difference can also work to your advantage. Outsourcing transcription tasks to a country which has different time zone can help you get your transcripts in customized turnaround time. For example, India is around eleven hours ahead of U.S. However, there may be issues with customer support if the off-shore company does not have an office at U.S. Reliable offshore medical transcription companies that are U.S. based offer customized TAT anywhere from 24 hours or less, and also assure 24/7/365 technical support.

Work Force Quality – Offshore transcription teams are better educated. The transcriptionists have good English language skills and are trained to understand American accents. They are also trained in medical jargon and terminology and can provide timely transcripts that are up to 99% error-free. In other words, offshore transcriptionists are professionally trained to provide services for physicians in the U.S. Most of the physicians in their own country are still writing.

Cost Effectiveness – The direct labor costs, HR and administrative costs, training costs, annual maintenance costs are much lower for an offshore outsourcing transcription service provider. Physicians can expect cost savings of 30 to 50% cost savings due to the pricing benefits offered by an offshore company.

HIPAA Compliance – When you outsource transcription tasks, it is very important to ensure that the company you partner with (U.S. based or off-shore) is HIPAA compliant. This would ensure that it has all the regulations in place to ensure safety of patient information such as teams trained on HIPAA compliance, password-protected computers, encrypted servers (for data uploads and downloads), shredding facilities, and a protected work environment.

The ideal choice of transcription service provider is one that has off-shore transcription service provider as well as a reliable U.S. office. Such companies can ensure remote, real time transcription coverage and assure accurate and prompt documentation that meets U.S standards at affordable cost.