Best Medical Transcription Companies Of 2022

Medical Transcription Companies

Healthcare practices generate a lot of notes daily, ranging from clinical documentation of patient encounters and patient records to administrative notes. Transcribing patient exam notes and other reports, mainly after long hours of consultation will be difficult for providers as well as their front office staff. Setting up an in-house team is quite expensive and is not practical, mainly for small practices. Most practices today consider medical transcription outsourcing, as it is a cost-effective and faster option to get accurate transcripts for the voice recording of any records. Outsourcing medical transcription tasks can save time and improve the accuracy of clinical documentation and other written records.

Take a Look at Some of Best Medical Transcription Companies 2022

1. MOS Medical Transcription Services



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One of the leading medical transcription companies in the U.S., MOS Medical Transcription Services has a strong track record of providing excellent services for practices in almost all specialties since 2002. Committed to providing HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services for healthcare providers in the U.S., the company provides services of experienced and qualified transcriptionists and editors to create and deliver accurate transcripts. They can interface seamlessly with any practice’s EHR/EMR system. With their service, practices can benefit from free trial offer, standard 24-HOUR TAT and STAT options, no setup or hidden fees, no long-term contracts, 3 levels of quality assurance, secure file transfer, flexible dictation options and more.

2. InSync Healthcare Solutions


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Along with medical transcription, editing, dictation, and virtual scribe services, the company also offers multiple EHR solutions (CareLogic, Credible, and now InSync) to clinics and practices serving over 10 million patients in all 50 states. They ensure highest documentation quality and accuracy standards to achieve more complete reimbursements. Whether providers are utilizing in-house transcriptionists or outsourcing their transcription through a third party vendor, InSync can provide either a full or partial outsource of work—by job type, provider, or department.

3. Aquity Solutions


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The company provides highly cost competitive onshore and offshore transcription services that are enabled by unparalleled quality checks. Their clients can benefit from unparalleled process visibility, workflow control, multiple price points, automated reporting and cost management. Practices can easily track transcription influenced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through their unique reporting and workflow analytics.

4. EHR Transcription


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The company provides 100% online medical transcription services that provides secure access for practices from anywhere. Based fully in the United States, it assures no lost or late transcription, no sloppy transcription or lame excuses. Providers can send their dictation via a free telephone account, digital voice recorder, computer microphone, or iPhone app. To ensure accuracy, transcripts are checked with manual reviews, followed by an automated spelling/grammar check, before being human-proofed again.

5. DataMatrix Medical

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Their transcription programs are custom made to fit the unique needs of each individual practice. Each physician will be provided with a team of medical transcriptionists who are trained to input data seamlessly into the EHR system. For practices already using voice recognition software as a dictation method, the company also offer a proofreading services for notes already dictated. The company’s medical scribes listen to the audio recordings and review them within the practice’s EHR software. They also follow data security protocols to ensure patient privacy.



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SMARTMD transcribes dictated notes directly into the patient’s chart by the next morning, saving everyone time and getting the most out of the practice’s EHR. They also offer an online archive of transcriptions in a secure cloud account that provides access to 2them from anywhere and at any time. The company uses a workforce of American-based transcriptionists and offers a free trial option.

7. The Dictation Source


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This U.S. based medical transcription solutions provider offers hyper-accelerated, accurate clinical documentation through an advanced platform that deploys automation. Their prices range from 7.5 cents to 10 cents per line. The company can integrate medical notes into pre-existing templates and/or letterheads at no additional charge. Clients can also directly access completed documents and make any changes online in any operating platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

8. Acusis


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Acusis provides HIPAA & HITECH compliant services along with the highest possible levels of security, to protect the sensitive medical data. The company uses eCareNotes transcription platform for speech-enabled transcription workflow. This platform is ideal to optimize transcription workforce, reduce operational cost and improve quality. Practices can easily upload their audio files through a traditional telephone line or through an iPhone app.

It is important for providers to choose a medical transcription services company that can provide fast, accurate, affordable and secure solutions. While choosing a medical transcription service company, consider key factors such as accuracy, associated costs, turnaround time, quality assurance process, free trial and more.

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