Basic Terms Relating to Medical Transcription Pricing

There is no standard definition for a medical transcription line owing to the money required for it and the fact that everyone wouldn’t equally gain from such standardization. However, one of the common methods of pricing adopted by medical transcription outsourcing companies in the US is based on the 65 character per line AAMT guideline. So as a client of one of such companies, you can check the correctness of your invoice by using “Word Count” to find the number of characters and spaces and then dividing that number by 65.

Some Basic Terms with Meanings

You may find knowledge of the following basic terms useful in your dealings with your healthcare transcription provider or even just for informational purposes:

  • Gross Medical Transcription Character – It is a term used when counting the number of lines (65 characters) and refers to any number, letter, function key or symbol essential for the ultimate content and look of a medical transcription document including carriage return, bold, underscore, space bar and any character enclosed within a header, footer or macro.
  • Net Medical Transcription Character – Refers to only printed characters. In order to convert these characters to gross characters, they should be multiplied by 1.2.
  • Net Medical Transcription Line – It is a definite line length that incorporates a predetermined quantity of gross characters.
  • Gross Medical Transcription Line – Refers to a printed line with one or more than one character with no differentiation made between complete and partial lines.

The pricing offered by an established healthcare transcription service provider would be competitive and save you between 30 and 40 percent on transcription costs.