5 Major Reasons for Hospital Visits during Holidays

Holidays Hospital VisitsHolidays are the time when people think of spending some quality time with family and friends, plan small getaways and have a great time. While enjoying holidays, it is important to be extra cautious when indulging in various activities. Hospitals all around the world see a hike in the number of people coming in for treatment. Medical transcription requirements also increase, with more providers opting for medical transcription services to manage any potential transcription overflow. Following are some of the major injuries or illnesses that may take people to hospitals during the holidays.

  • Flu and Fever: Cold and flu are common infections people catch hold of during the holidays. This may be due to sudden climatic changes, unhygienic surroundings and so on. This will lead to an increase in Emergency Room (ER) traffic. To reduce the chance of a flu attack, primary care physicians can advise their patients to follow good hygiene practices. This will help to check the spread of the infection.
  • Injuries and burns: Burns from electric shocks when decorating the house is one of the most common accidents that occur during holidays. Similarly, cooking together with family is fun but it often leads to cuts from mishandling of knives or any other sharp objects or burns from hotpots and pans.
  • Domestic violence: Domestic violence is a common element when families get together. Sometimes the situation gets so heated up that it may lead to quarrels or fights. This may be due to stress or over- consumption of alcohol. So, people need to be careful and drink responsibly to avoid any kind of hostile situations.
  • Food poisoning: During holiday trips or getaways, people often have food from restaurants or other eateries. Sometimes they serve uncooked food or leftover food. This can cause severe stomach illness or food poisoning. Physicians would advise their patients to avoid eating food that is left out for a long time, make sure to choose good restaurants or eateries when they are on their vacation and eat well-cooked food to avoid food poisoning.
  • Overindulgence: Overeating is another common problem that often take people to the emergency room. This is a very dangerous situation for people who have hypertension or hyperglycemias. It is always fun to treat oneself to a magnificent feast but it is also necessary to eat well and eat healthy.

Holidays are of course the time to spend with family and stay safe. Physicians can provide valuable advice to their patients in this regard. Infectious diseases such as flu and cold can be kept in control if people follow their physicians’ advice properly.