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How Oncology Transcription Service Helps Oncologists

Oncology transcription service is of great use to medical oncologists who have a critical role in the medication, treatment, and care of cancer patients. If the cancer is detected at the right time, oncology treatment can save a life.
The accurate documentation of prognosis, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and treatment response and so on, are necessary to fulfill professional, legal and financial obligations. However, procedural tasks such as these could interfere with the main responsibilities of the oncologist and other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment. That’s why accurate and timely oncology transcription service is necessary for these specialists.

Helping Oncologists Focus on Their Core Tasks

Outsourcing oncology transcription could ensure that oncologists focus on the treatment of the disease which could potentially save the life of the patient or make the treatment more bearable. A focused and compassionate approach would also contribute to the reputation of the healthcare facility. To ensure all this, oncologists should be free to concentrate on providing treatment.

An experienced and reliable medical transcription company can provide cost-effective, comprehensive and accurate oncology report transcription. This is just what a busy healthcare practice needs. Ultimately, patients stand to gain from the focused approach of the oncologists and other healthcare professionals treating them.

Key Features of Professional Medical Transcription Services

A medical transcription company can cater to the needs of surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, pediatric oncologists, radiation oncologists as well as oncology researchers. The salient features of oncology transcription service by an experienced company include:

  • Choice of dial-in toll-free server or digital recorder for the dictation
  • Three levels of quality checks conducted by editors and proofreaders on the final transcription
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or browser-based file transfer
  • File transfer secured by sophisticated encryption technology
  • State-of-the-art dictionaries and software indexes used to ensure accuracy in transcription of medical jargon
  • Competitive pricing which is negotiable based on various factors including transcription volume, specialty client requirements, turnaround time, dictation type and document flow management requirements

Why Medical Transcription is Efficient

Reliable medical transcription firms go to great lengths to ensure quality and security of the transcription process. Some factors that contribute to the efficiency of the transcription process include the following:

  • The ability to simultaneously accept multiple number of dictations and record with great clarity
  • Evaluation of the transcription work with client in order to customize according to client needs
  • Customized turnaround times depending on individual needs of clients
  • Transcript reports for revealing file progress
  • The option for clients to modify the dictation process during the transcription
  • Billing reports generated

Customized Turnaround Times to Meet Stringent Deadlines

A reliable oncology transcription company enables clients to choose between offshore and onshore transcription solutions. They employ many high-tech strategies to ensure the transcribed documents are secure. As a result of the training and experience of the staff, an efficient oncology transcription service provider can offer up to 99% accuracy in the final transcripts. By offering customized turnaround times, they can meet the aggressive requirements of medical oncologists.

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