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Emergency Room Transcription Service

As several patients visit the emergency room for various illnesses and injuries, different types of medical reports are generated. It is critical to document each patient’s condition and history of care to provide adequate medical care, and also from the point of view of managing and maintaining medical records. As a leading medical transcription company, MTS Transcription Services serves physicians that demand fast, accurate emergency room transcription. We can provide service domestically or internationally according to the needs of each physician.

Transcription Service

within Customized TAT

When it comes to emergency room medical transcription, turnaround time is critical. We provide various turnaround time options including standard 24 hour TAT and STAT (2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours) and more. Moreover, we ensure reduced overhead, with 30% to 40% cost savings.

To evaluate our service quality, competitive rates, and impressive TAT, ask for our Free Trial today! Call: 1-800-670-2809.

  • Emergency physicians combine the skills of many specialists and so the terminology they use embraces multiple specialties including
    • Critical Care Medicine
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Anesthesia
    • Cardiology
    • O&G
    • ENT
    • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Our transcription team is well-versed in medical terminology and procedures specific to the ER. They are familiar with the medical slang terms and short forms that ER physicians use, which enables accurate transcription.
  • They can easily understand and transcribe terms related to surgical procedures, cardiac life support, trauma resuscitation, patient progress reports, history and physical reports, chart notes, and more.

Your Benefits

  • We offer a user-friendly online platform with all the facilities that ensure a complete document management system
  • We provide instant reports showing the progress of each file
  • We support both digital recorders and toll free number
  • HL7 compatible systems with free HL7 interface configuration
  • All emergency room transcriptions go through 3 levels of checking by editors, proofreaders and medical editors to provide 99% accuracy
  • 100% security by strict compliance with HIPAA guidelines
  • You are not bound by any long-term yearly contracts

Our medical transcription services are customized to meet your requirements. To find out how we can assist you, contact us today.

Key Features

  • 3 Levels of Quality Assurance
  • Accuracy Level of 99%
  • All Specialties Covered
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Digital Recorder Dictation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Feeds for EHR or EPM
  • HIPAA Compliant Service
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Toll Free Phone Dictation
  • Transcription Management Software
  • Volume Rates Available
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