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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services

Committed to customer service and satisfaction, medical transcription companies in the US offer web-enabled fast, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services to individual physicians, clinicians, medical office administrators, group practices, acute care facilities, free standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, and hospitals. Fast, accurate, cost effective medical transcription services include: Transcription of patient history … Continue reading Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services

Web-based Medical Transcription Services

Web-based medical transcription services provide reliable transcription services in preparing death summaries, patient progress notes, physical reports, history, ER reports, clinic notes, follow up notes, consultation reports, health reports, referrals and laboratory summaries to a range of healthcare providers. Medical transcription companies provide cost-effective and quality transcription services within a short time. Allows Online Reviews … Continue reading Web-based Medical Transcription Services

Professional Medical Transcription Companies in Oklahoma

Nowadays there are many established, professional medical transcription companies in Oklahoma. These offer efficient transcription of your medical records at affordable rates. Medical transcription companies in Oklahoma offer value-added services ranging from dictation capture to document distribution, for all medical specialties including cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, radiology and gynecology. With the help of medical transcription outsourcing … Continue reading Professional Medical Transcription Companies in Oklahoma

Oncology Transcription Service

Various healthcare facilities and medical professionals in the United States are on the lookout for highly systematic and cost effective oncology transcription service. As a wide number of medical transcription companies are providing client focused medical transcription services for all medical specialties, it is not hard to find a provider offering systematic and highly organized … Continue reading Oncology Transcription Service

Radiology Transcription Service

Radiology transcription service involves transcribing the recorded dictations of radiologists into text format. This is a service that requires great skill on the part of the transcriptionists; therefore, leading medical transcription companies take care to appoint properly qualified and expert professionals. Radiology Transcription Process and Services The radiologist uses a voice recording device to record … Continue reading Radiology Transcription Service

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